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Who We Are

Our Executive Team & Board

Adventist HealthCare Limited operates with a governance and management structure that includes an Executive Team and a Board of Directors.

Adventist HealthCare Limited Executive Team

The Executive team have extensive experience and knowlege in healthcare leadership with backgrounds in nursing, medical and commercial services in health and other industries. They are responsible to strategic and operational oversight of the AHCL facilities and services by setting goals, developing plans, monitoring and correcting performance variance and implementing strategies to deliver strategic plans.

  • Brett Goods

    Brett Goods
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Dr Jeanette Conley

    Dr Jeanette Conley
    Medical & Clinical Governance Executive

  • Parth Jasani

    Parth Jasani
    Chief Financial Officer & Services Executive

  • Clare Lumley

    Clare Lumley
    Chief Operations & Nursing Executive

  • Andrew Spillane

    Andrew Spillane
    Chief Commercial Officer

Adventist HealthCare Limited Board of Directors

The Adventist HealthCare Limited Board of Directors provides oversight and direction for AHCL strategy, approves and monitors operational and capital budgets, master planning, infrastructure development plans, and accreditation of medical specialists to practice at AHCL facilities. The Board holds meetings regularly throughout the year including board sub-committees to review and monitor clinical governance, quality improvement, people and culture metrics as well as financial performance, and national safety and quality in health care standards accreditation of the organisation.

  • Glenn Townend

    Glenn Townend
    Board Chair

  • Brett Goods

    Brett Goods
    CEO, Board Secretary

  • Daryl Cheng

    Daryl Cheng

  • Kevin Jackson

    Kevin Jackson

  • Francois Keet

    Francois Keet

  • Kathy Raethel

    Kathy Raethel

  • David Rankin

    David Rankin

  • Ken Smith

    Ken Smith

  • Martina Stanley

    Martina Stanley

  • John Watson

    John Watson

Being a Board Member is an unpaid volunteer position. Members are recruited by the Nominating Committee and are elected by company members for five-year terms. The current members serving on our Board are community leaders with experience in various organisations and bring expert knowledge in areas such as the Australian and international healthcare, business, finance, legal and medical industry.

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